Lon Hurst

Finding a good fit is important in both selecting a real estate agent and finding a home. Both decisions are based on a series of intangibles that add up to create a level of comfort and well-being.

Prior to his career in real estate, Lon spent more than twenty years as a professional performer in New York, Los Angeles and abroad. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Eastern Michigan University and an MFA in dance from the University of Illinois. Another decade spent teaching in universities across the U.S. enabled him to continue the long tradition of passing down the styles and techniques of dance and theatre to young performers.

Lon has long held a passion for the restoration and reuse of older properties, learning basic skills as a teenager in his father’s construction business. He later refined this early background in construction standards and techniques by working with a variety of high-end contractors in New York City and has since applied these skills in restoring three of his personal homes. This experience with remodeling and redecorating gives Lon an edge in helping you to stage your home to stand out among current listings for quick sale in a challenging market.

The experiences of living a decade abroad and making his home in eight states have given Lon a unique understanding of the qualities that make a house a home. Utilizing the latest in property search techniques, he can locate a home for you with the characteristics and features that best suit your personality, lifestyle, and budget.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, Lon’s perseverance, attention to detail, and sensitivity to your needs make him an excellent choice as your representative.