Client Testimonials…


What They Say About My Services: (pictures speak volumes!!)

 “Another exciting closing ‘celebration!

My greatest joy is bringing buyers and sellers together-

and helping them to accomplish their immediate housing needs, dreams, goals-

while having a great ‘experience’ throughout the transaction.”
-Melissa Lundgren


Lauren and Garrett


“Melissa constantly went above and beyond our expectations!                                                                                                 She was a strong , diligent negotiator for us too. “                                                                                                         Lauren and Garrett Davis Purchased a home in Historic Lockeland Springs / Area 6.








Megan & Cassandra

“Melissa was organized and knows the areas ,she went above and beyond our expectations-from finding and negotiating  the perfect home in a highly desired area – in a hot market- to navigating our long distance purchase and move seamlessly…We bought our dream house the 1st day of looking!!”

Cassandra Dawson and Megan Carchman relocated and purchased a cottage in Historic Lockeland Springs/East Nashville/ Area 6.


Janet and Megan

“As out-of-town buyers, Melissa worked extra hard to help us find the right condo for our daughter. She previewed numerous properties and took the time to send videos and photos for our review. She found a great condo that met all our needs, and guided us through the process to a successful, on-line closing. We are very grateful for Melissa, and couldn’t have done it without her.”                                                                                                    -Janet Ichinose Purchased a Condo  in Green Hills/ Area 2.


Bill and Jeff

“Melissa listed our Bellevue condo after thoughtful prepping, also representing us in the purchase of our new construction home!. My real estate transaction experience with Melissa was stellar and she went above and beyond my expectations. Melissa communicated with me through out the entire transaction and was a good listener  and was responsive to my needs, she was always accessible.”
Bill Mays and Jeff Manus  Listed a town home in Bellevue/ Area 2 + Purchased a new construction home in 12South/ Area 2.



Jeremy andDanielle“Melissa was great! A real pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable about many Nashville neighborhoods. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor.”
Jeremy and Danielle Shields Purchased a ranch home in East Nashville/Shelby Park/ Area 6.




Johnathan and Suzanne

“We couldn’t have done it without Melissa; She went above and beyond our expectations;

Our experience was ‘Stellar’ !!”

Susanna Rudd and Johnathan Turner Purchased a cottage in

Maxwell Heights/Historic East Nashville/ Area 6.



Chad and Christina

“Melissa is extremely easy to work with and makes the process transparent and stress free. She was able to get us into our dream home -while selling our existing home quickly and for a great price. I really like the online e Signature tool so I didn’t have to go to the office to sign papers…Melissa performs her job with a high level of professionalism and expertise.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chad L’eplattenier and Christina Buckelew  purchased a cottage in Inglewood/Area 6; Listed & Sold their home in Inglewood; Purchased their home in Historic Lockeland Springs/ Area 6.


Dan and Christine

In a word: “stellar; above and beyond my expectations; confident and patient; enthusiastic and skilled”.

Dan and Christine Scher  Listed & Sold a bungalow cottage in Eastwood Neighbors/ Area 6; Listed & Sold a Werthan Loft in Germantown/Area 2; Purchased a new construction home in Historic Edgefield/ Area 6.



Lisa and Mike

“Melissa understood exactly what we wanted- and  we got our dream home with her help and hard work! She is very proactive and was able to easily work thru any of the kinks along the way.”                                                                       Lisa Hanson and Mike Scott  relocated and purchased a bungalow in Eastwood Neighbors/Historic East Nashville/ Area 6.



“Melissa was a calming force in a somewhat turbulent transaction! She went above and beyond all my expectations. Melissa had excellent marketing and listing strategies and was a strong, diligent negotiator for me. And I would recommend her to anyone!”                                           Ryan Richardson                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Listed in Eastwood Neighbors/ Area 6


Lori and James

“Melissa Lundgren goes above and beyond expectations for the benefit of her clients.  She rolls up her sleeves (literally!) and helps make the sales/purchasing processes run seemingly effortlessly, without errors, which otherwise could cause unexpected delays.  HIGHLY recommend this outstanding professional.”
-Lorie & James O’Brien                                                                                                                                             Listed a historic bungalow in Historic Edgefield /Area 6



Lauren and Eric

“Melissa went above and beyond to make sure we saw the houses we wanted to – we’d send over a list on Friday evening and she’d have everything set up for Saturday morning.  She treated us as if we were her only clients and as if we were the most important people.  She kept us a high priority, even though our budget wasn’t very high :)”
-Lauren and Eric  Asher                                                                                                                                      Purchased a new construction home  in East Nashville / Area 6



Joel and Austin Moore

“Melissa spent a great deal of time finding the right house, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted and she helped me narrow down my choices.The technology she uses made it easier to navigate the buying process, I especially liked the e Signature tool. Melissa also took the time to explain all of the forms involved and answered my questions in a timely manner. She was always accessible too.

-Joel Moore                                                                                                                                                                         purchased a townhome in Hermitage/ Area 7



Shawn Bowling

“Melissa was very knowledgeable and helpful. I believe she truly kept my best interest as her client in mind at all times through out my home buying experience.”
-Shawn Bowling                                                                                                                                                                   Purchased a home in historic Lockeland Springs / Area6




Tara and Debra

“I  wanted an agent that was eager to work with me, regardless of my price point.  One that understood my life goals and worked tirelessly to meet my (at times) lofty expectations. She knew the market, worked for me and not her own ambitions, and has exhibited tremendous follow through! Between email, phone calls, texts and physical mail, she used all mediums consistently – this made me know she was there for her clients.”
-Tara and Debra Gordon                                                                                                                                               Purchased a home in Bellevue / Area 2


“Melissa went above and beyond during both the sale and purchase of my homes… She was VERY patient and was an excellent problem solver during our home purchase process.”                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Julie Powell                                                                                                                                                                                                                       purchased a ranch home in West Meade/ Area 2


Jim Winters


“Service was excellent! Melissa is very friendly and efficient!”

-J Winters
Purchased in Inglewood/ Area 6




Shawn and Jason

“We received top notch service from a realtor who went the extra mile or two to help us get the house we wanted. She is friendly motivated and ethical Realtor putting us first. Knowing the real estate market and being able to use the tools of the trade were extremely helpful. Although we closed on our house, Melissa continued to offer advice and get us setup with the appropriate professionals to help us with our needs. She will be our Realtor for life.”
-Jason Owensby & Shawn Goodwin
Purchased 601 Fatherland St. / Historic Edgefield- East Nashville


“Being a long distance seller- Melissa helped us in so many ways to make it easier for us.I really liked the online e Signature tool.”                             -Norma Martinez                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Listed and Sold a Downtown Riverfront Condo / Area 2


“The level of service was excellent. Melissa kept me informed, and was always knowledgeable & helpful. She provided great preparation for listing my home.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -B Stroupe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PurchasedListed & Sold Inglewood/Area 6


“Melissa is the perfect Realtor and exemplifies everything I would expect from a professional Realtor. Plus, she is a wonderful person!
The guidance, patience, technology, transaction coordination, and knowledge of available resources were very valuable to me.”
-R Klein
Purchased in Franklin/ Area 10


“Melissa was very attentive, extremely helpful & accommodating. Her website MLS search tool was very helpful, as well as counseling, negotiating, problem solving & solutions.”
-B Deal
Purchased in Antioch/ Area 8


“Every aspect of my listing was handled with professionalism & detail. All of her services enabled the sale & close in a short time frame.”
-M Sullivan Claus
Listed&Sold +  Purchased a new construction home in Hermitage / Area 7


“Incredibly smooth transaction…Melissa was awesome!!! Her great attention to detail was instrumental in making the sale of my prior residence and the purchase of my current home go incredibly smooth. Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely refer to others.”

-Tracy Johnson
Listed & Sold a town home in Sylvan Park + purchased a ranch home West Meade/ Area 2


“Great Marketing Strategy!! Melissa’s marketing strategy was extremely helpful in selling our house. Priced right, an open house was scheduled and marketed with very artistic, colorful, and exciting postcards and brochures that really captured the “charm” of our 1930’s Cottage in Historic East Nashville/Eastwood neighbors. It sold that day!! She also handled all of the details of the contract negotiating, the home inspection, and the closing (of the purchase our new home). It all went so smoothly.”
-Janel Mehuron & Michelle Labruyere
Sold in Eastwood Neighbors/East Nashville/ Area 6  + Purchased a ranch home in Brentwood/ Area 10 + Listed & Sold in Brentwood


“I really enjoyed working with Melissa! She payed attention to my needs and wishes. Once I found the house I wanted, she arranged the home inspection and all the closing details in a very timely manner… I had an excellent buying experience!!”
-Meg Sherrill
Purchased a 1930’s Cottage in Inglewood


“Melissa, you have a great ability to be attentive but not pushy. It was great having someone who took care of all the small and large details. My level of service was great!!”
-Heather Sieloff/TVA
Relocated from Knoxville to Gallatin, TN


“This was my first home buying experience and Melissa made the experience exciting and educational. I appreciate her patience and thoroughness in helping me become a home owner. My level of service was stellar! I will absolutely refer her to others.”
-Amy Dickerson
Purchased a duplex in Lockeland Springs/Shelby Park area of East Nashville


“I have dealt with several real estate agents through the years- and I can honestly say Melissa is the best- very helpful, a very hard worker, and very professional. If I ever buy or sell another house, Melissa will be my realtor. She is great!”
-John Thomas
Listed and Sold his mother’s home, (the house he grew up in), in Inglewood area of East Nashville up near the river


“Melissa, you provided excellent service by keeping me informed, and working out every situation throughout. Thanks so much! I will definitely refer you to others.”
-Linda White
Listed and Sold her condo in La Vergne, TN


“As newcomers to Nashville from Washington DC, we were really at sea as where to look for a house until we met Melissa. After consulting with us about what we wanted in a house and neighborhood, she was able to sift through hundreds of properties at which we were looking and narrowed them down to a manageable number. As a result we were able quickly it find a house with which we are quite happy, and we purchased it soon after. Then, at a point where an agent could be expected to move on to other clients, Melissa maintained contact with us during our move to make sure our transition was as painless and stress free as possible. Months later, when we decided to look for an investment property, we knew we had to look no further than Melissa to help us through the confusing process, and we were not disappointed. Over time we’ve come to think of Melissa as a friend first, and a real estate agent second. We heartily recommend Melissa Lundgren for all of your real estate needs.”
-Martin & Stacia Lynds
Purchased in Brush Hill,Lockeland Springs, & Historic Edgefield


“I was especially grateful for your guidance and how much preparation I needed to do before the sale- as well as through –out the process. Thank You!! I had an excellent selling experience.”
-Andreas Claus
Prepped, marketed, and sold his 1920’s Cottage in Lockeland Springs/Shelby Park area of Historic East Nashville


“She took time to explain things & was available when needed. Melissa made home buying a good experience. She helped with every aspect of the process. She took the time to explain things and was available when needed. This home purchase was much smoother than my first! I had an excellent buying experience and will refer Melissa to others.”
-Lori Eiden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Listed & Sold a downtown Condo and purchased a brick cottage in East Nashville/ Area 6


This seller had a home inspection prior to putting the house on the market- Any obvious repairs were already made when offers came in… How smart was that!! The home showed extremely well, was priced just right- it sold and closed in 2 weeks.
“I had an excellent selling experience”
-Marcheta Claus
White House, TN

“I have never before had a Realtor to be so caring and attentive. At all times I knew Melissa was giving 100% to the sale and purchase of my home. I would and have recommended Melissa to people in need of an honest Realtor. She made my experience very painless…Thank You Melissa!!”
-Mary Rader
Sold in Hermitage and Purchased in Old Hickory

“All your help! You helped to ease the fear of a first time buyer. I had an excellent buying experience.”
-Brian Ashley Jones
Purchased a home in Shelby Bottons area of East Nashville\

“Melissa went beyond the call of duty…She was very detailed in the process of negotiating. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to sell or purchase a home!!”
-Christine Clark
Purchased and Sold homes in the Brush Hill area of East Nashville

“Melissa has a calm and soothing nature that is very helpful during the stressful time that home buying and selling produces. Thanks!!”
-Joe & Melanie Gambill
Sold their home in Antioch and Purchased their new home in Bellevue

“When selling our family home, Melissa Lundgren with Coldwell Banker Andrews was our Realtor. We could not have had better service anywhere else. The way the house was marketed is why it sold in such a timely manner!! Melissa did everything she said she would do to sell our house and is very knowledgeable on what it takes to buy or sell a home. We will be using Melissa again if we buy or sell a home again- she is one of the best!!”
-Mary & Charles
Childress Bellevue, TN